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    What tools are available?

    Last updated: October 2, 2015
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What tools are available?
Valcu currently has three live startup tools with a number of others under development. The first is the Valcu Incorporation Tool, which is used to create the corporation in Delaware and set up the relationship with a Delaware registered agent. The second is the Valcu State Qualification Tool; this tool is used to qualify to do business in a particular state (e.g., NY). This filing can be completed after the entity is formed and the good standing certificate (assuming this has been ordered when the entity is incorporated using the Valcu Incorporation Tool) has been sent back from Delaware and the date of incorporation has been confirmed. The third tool is the Valcu Post-Incorporation Setup Tool; this tool is used to generate the organizational written consent, adopt bylaws, appoint directors and officers, issue stock to the founders with vesting and set up consulting/employment relationships with the founders, among other things.