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    What is the typical process for opening a bank account?

    Last updated: October 2, 2015
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What is the typical process for opening a bank account?
After the company is incorporated/formed, most banks will also require a state qualification before you can open a bank account. The normal flow for incorporating a company and opening a bank account is (1) incorporate and apply for tax ids; (2) once you've received the stamped certificate of incorporation back (see the incorporation tool for a breakdown of (i) filing times and (ii) return times for stamped documents), apply for the applicable state qualification (usually requires a Good Standing Certificate; this is the reason most companies choose to order this at the same time as their incorporation) and (iii) receive evidence of state qualification back from the applicable states and (iv) take all the documents to the bank. Note, however, this is general information; ask your bank specifically what is required.