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Traklight, Inc.
Identify innovation. Safeguard success.
10% off ID your IP

Use Traklight's cost-effective solution to identify valuable trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.
Find & work with licensed accountants online.
One month free of bookkeeping; for discount, type in "VALCU" in Optional field when you sign up on offers on-demand access to licensed accountants for up to 60% less than traditional "brick & mortar" firms. Just tell us your situation and we’ll match you with the right accountant who will handle accounting for you. Our encrypted platform enables you to easily collaborate and manage accounting workflow online.

The Common Law Trademark (CM) Registry.
All Valcu users receive 25% off of all Cognate products. Simply enter the coupon code "VALCU25" at checkout.

Cognate is the common law trademark registry. Cognate lets you document your common law trademark rights much faster and much cheaper than trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Cognate then helps you get found in professional trademark searches to help you avoid infringement, rebranding, and maybe even lawsuits. When your mark is listed with Cognate, you are allowed to use the “CM” designation (ex: CognateCM). This signifies that your rights are documented in Cognate's public registry. Common law trademark rights are earned by using a name to identify your company or product name in commerce (i.e. you’re making sales using that name).

Incorporate globally
Incorporations.IO offers a free consultation for Valcu users wanting to incorporate outside of Delaware.

Incorporations.IO is a marketplace that connects consumers to the best place for them to incorporate globally. Partnering with many different lawyers and corporate service agents, Incorporations.IO makes incorporating and maintaining your company, anywhere in the world, easy, inexpensive and most importantly saves you time.

Supporting Strategies
Bookkeeping services and operational support.
Contact Naman Trivedi via email and mention Valcu to receive the first 10 hours free.

We give clients the bookkeeping support they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.

Justworks, Inc.
Benefits, payroll and everything you need to take care of your team.
One month free; for discount, type in "VALCU" in Referred by when you sign up on Justworks.

Set up payroll and benefits for your team.