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Automate Your Complex (and Simple) Documents

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Much of the professional world lives in DOCX. We've gone to great lengths so that you don't have to use a programmer's text editor or command prompt (just open up Word), don't have to install plugins, don't have to pick up lots of syntax, don't have to go through detailed specifications and don't end up with a document format that you can't save to your file system or attach to an email and send to your client.

 Automate the Process of Automation

Automate your own documents in minutes (or seconds). Inputs are automatically generated from your document, and you'll be immediately put in a position to create a final, executable document.

 Designed for Lawyers

We've spent lots of time going back and forth on documents with lawyers. We got in the mode of writing readable fields in a Word document for lawyers to see and understand with little effort. Our automation tools now take the same readable language, and make it executable.

How about the whole transaction?

Join us in quickly running through a transaction automation.